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Why was I charged?

There are a few reasons why you may have been charged unexpectedly. 


All of our payments are processed through PayPal. When you purchase with us, you will have to setup a subscription through PayPal that will allow the service to be paid automatically every month. Most of the time, the reason why clients get charge unexpectedly, is because there was no request to cancel on the product or account. And/or there was no cancellation of the PayPal subscription itself. 

Charged for Trial:

If you have signed up for a trial, we requested you link your PayPal so that users cannot abuse the free trials. You may have been charged if you did not cancel the subscription for this. We have an article on cancelling the trials here: How To Cancel Proxy Trial

Charged for Service that you did not want to continue: 

In this case, there was most likely no cancellation request for the service. When you cancel through your dashboard by following this article, your PayPal subscription will automatically be cancelled. As well as your next invoice, and product renewal: 

Charge for Service that no longer exists:

Please contact our support in this case.

How to handle the unexpected charge:

Please ensure that your service is cancelled following this guide: : How To Cancel Service

Refer to this article here: Refunds


If you are still experiencing issues please send us a support ticket HERE.