What Are Semi-Dedicated Proxies?

Semi-Dedicated Proxies are proxies that are used by up to 3 people (Shared Proxy). Which is why they are called "Semi-Dedicated". They are shared by up to 2 other people. However, this allows the proxy the ability to be more affordable. You may not need a proxy entirely dedicated to only you, and this would be a good option if so. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Sharing the proxy server allows you to share in the cost of that server
  • They are useful for the user who requires several proxies but uses each proxy only for a few hours
  • Proxies can be helpful with some of SEO software that need harvest data from internet (like keyword ranking or page rank).
  • They can support both an HTTP and SOCKS service
  • Proxies can also be used with web browsers and other apps that support proxy use
  • Get around geographic restrictions (Restricted content based on country)

*These proxies are best used for general browsing and they are not recommended for account creation/management on social media sites.

Authorization Types:

IP Authorization - HTTP (3128), SOCKS (1080)

Username/Password - (4444)





Find our Semi-Dedicated proxies HERE

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