Proxy Location Wrong

This article is necessary to clear up any confusion regarding our IPs location.

Proxies have a physical location, and a geolocation. Our proxies are physically located in the locations you select. However, you may look up the location, and find that the proxy is showing up in a different location. This is simply because the geolocation sites that track IP locations simply haven’t updated the location yet. We request this early on, but it takes time for them to process. However, none of this will have any effect on your proxies performance. If you test your proxy to a server in your location, you’ll see that the speed will be much faster than testing to a server in the incorrect geolocation, proving that the physical signal for the proxy is coming from the location you’ve selected, and not the geolocation.

As of right now, 50% of our IPs will show up as Buffalo, NY location.... the reason why below:

Sites like,,, and more, all use third party databases (many use MaxMind) that supply geo-locations for IPs. However, these third parties and these databases have to get their locations from the top-level IP owner in the USA: ARIN

What is ARIN?

As explained: "ARIN manages the distribution of Internet number resources, including IPv4 and IPv6 address space". This essentially means they own most/all IPv4 addresses in the USA, therefore they are what everyone considers the most accurate representation of IPs (which includes location!).

Why does ARIN have the correct location, but MaxMind does not?

If you put ANY of your IP addresses you have from us at the top right of this page: you will find that your IP address is in fact in the correct location. Since ARIN owns IP addresses, they govern this location and it is up to third parties, such as MaxMind, to honor this governance - which unfortunately is not the case.

I have personally contacted MaxMind whom is the largest geo-location database that I'm aware of to ask that they update their geo-locations to ARIN's correct location. This correction process takes 1-5 weeks for MaxMind, and other popular geo-location databases, to update their records fully.

What does this mean?

Wait 1-5 weeks and the locations will all properly be updated in all the popular geo-location databases. Until then....

90% of websites I've used and that my customers use DO NOT CARE. That's right, social media, GSA SER, Xrumer, you name it... any of these purposes have been working 100% fine for over 500 customers for 6 months now, and there are no signs of that slowing down. Do not less this article scare you... if you've been using our proxies for a long time now then you have been exposed to this already and [obviously] haven't been banned yet :)

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If you have any further questions about this, please contact our support team HERE.