Mobile Proxy Beta Tester FAQ

This article describes a variety of Frequently Asked Questions about our beta product: US mobile proxies

Question #1:  What locations do you currently support?

Currently we only support Los Angeles, California (US).


Question #2:  What types of mobile proxies do you offer? Dedicated? Shared? Rotating?

All three!

Here are the various pricing models we have:

  • Dedicated Device:  This mobile proxy device is entirely dedicated to you. No other customer will use the device. You have unlimited and unmetered bandwidth. You have access to all websites. This is the most expensive plan.
  • Shared Device + Private Service:  This mobile proxy is shared between up to 5 other customers, but you are the only user that uses it for your service or use case (Instagram, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc). Only 1 use case is allowed on this model - all other access to websites will be blocked.
  • Shared Device + Shared Service:  Up to 8 users will share a device, with up to 3 users that will use the same service or use case as you. For example, if you are using the mobile proxy for Instagram, there may be up to 2 other customers that are also using the IP for Instagram. This is the cheapest plan (more on pricing below).
  • Rotating Device:  Our rotating solution during beta will rotate the mobile device every 15 minutes to a new IP address. There will be a ~5 second disconnection in your internet connectivity while the device resets and provides you with the new IP address. Up to 5 other customers will use this device, and they may be on the same service or use case as you. You may access all websites.


Question #3: What is the pricing?

We are currently experimenting with different pricing models and bandwidth limitations. Most mobile providers slow the device down after ~50GB of usage, so we need to ensure that we balance quality and pricing for the end customer. The pricing below is reflective of our pricing today in beta, but this may change in the future. We ask that you provide us feedback if you believe the pricing should be different!

  • Dedicated Device: $179/mo
  • Shared Device + Private Service: $79/mo
  • Shared Device + Shared Service: $25/mo
  • Rotating Device: $39/mo


Question #4: What bandwidth limitations are there?

We offer unlimited bandwidth, but cap each user to 1 Mbps throughput. For most use cases this speed is plenty, but if you are trying to load browser pages manually in your browser (versus a software) you may encounter some slower speeds.

If you need faster proxies with 1 Gbps speeds, please refer to our dedicated datacenter proxies. Additionally, our Dedicated mobile proxy offering allows for unmetered bandwidth which allows you to use the full mobile device's throughput (typically around 10 Mbps).

For context, 1 Mbps equates to around 320GB of data consumption in a month.


Question #5: What carriers do you offer?

Currently in beta we offer AT&T and T-Mobile. If you have a specific carrier need, please contact us with your inquiry.


Question #6: How do I sign up?

Please fill out the form here.

We will reach out to all customers that meet our beta criteria for testing.


Question #7: Where can I learn more about mobile proxies and their benefits?

Our official Mobile FAQ can be found here:  

This article's purpose is to address specific questions relating to beta customers.


Thank you for your interest. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions!