How To Cancel Proxy Trial

If you would like to cancel your proxy trial service, and prevent renewal, then please follow the steps below:

There are a couple different ways you are able to cancel your proxies in your account. We have the methods listed below:

Through Proxy Dashboard:

  1. Login to proxy dashboard here:
  2. Click on the Upgrade/Downgrade tab: Screenshot
  3. Click on red Cancel button: Screenshot
  4. A pop up with a warning will pop up. You will then enter your reason, then click 'Yes, please cancel my proxies': Screenshot
  5. Complete

Through Client Area:

  1. Client area can be accessed through the link here:
  2. You will then click 'Services' here: Screenshot
  3. You will then find the active service you are looking to cancel: Screenshot
  4. You can then click 'Request Cancellation' here: Screenshot
  5. On the next page, you will enter your cancellation reason, then click 'Request Cancellation': Screenshot
  6. Complete

If you need any further assistance with anything, please contact our support staff HERE.

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